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Sucks To Your Asmar

29 Feb

Teenagers in the UK got a chance to design the cover for the educational copy of Lord of the Flies. I think they rose to the occasion, as teenagers are apt to do given the opportunity. The winning art work is below. Click through to see more entries.



28 Feb

We all know that the Hindenburg was a disaster, but I had never bothered to satisfy my curiosity about the interior of the ill-fated dirigible.

Cheers to not flying in/on vehicles full of explosive materials. Oh, wait…

via kottke

Post-It Pledge

27 Feb

This spring-y set of notes is just cute enough that I might break my vow of not buying any more sticky notes until my current supply has been almost completely depleted.

Definitely let this one into your house

26 Feb

There’s always room for one more friend.

St. Pattys, or just a Saturday night

25 Feb

The print magazine suggested this recipe for St. Patty’s Day but there is absolutely no reason to restrict the consumption of stout floats to one particular day of the year.

Signed With a (:

24 Feb

If a lyric video worked for Cee-Lo it will definitely work for Katy Perry. I am totally loving the second verse when it switches to white and turquoise for a hot sec.

Here’s a sneak preview for the music video. Where was this song in 2006 when I needed it?!

Honestly, Abe?

24 Feb

This how historians honor a historic man (link credit: Without the E). This is how Hollywood does it. Thank you, Tim Burton, for helping reveal the real history of our nation.

PS – Abe’s hat was made of beaver fur!

Sim Simma

23 Feb

Who got the keys to my bimma?

Warm Fuzzies

23 Feb

Aw, these photos give me the warm fuzzies! Big bonus: a handful of the photo credit links are worth clicking through if you are in the mood for an good old fashioned grunge fest.

A Pastoral Pal

22 Feb

Who could resist loving this little hopping goat?