Growing up I lived in suburbia and hated it so escaped to NYC but now I am going to live in a house in the woods that my husband is building for me.

Sometimes I think that I am one of few people who understands that my dog does not look like a girl, he just looks like a little poodle.

To satisfy my introverted side I like to spend time on my own, wandering through the intertubes or being crafty. But before I know it the extrovert comes bounding into the room and I have to share and talk. a lot.

I started SBUMI because I know my friends have more than once silently cursed me for sending them 23058 links to neat things! that I see on the internet! So I’ll put them here and it will be one big festive link love party.

And if you are lucky I will throw in some fun things that happen while I am away from the internet.


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