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11 Mar

These Hubble photos remind me of Pearl Jam’s Binaural, of course, but they also serve as a reminder that the universe is really, really weird and awesomely bigger than a lot of people take the time to think about.


Pick Your Color

8 Mar

Not only do these photos look delicious, they are Pantone inspired. +1 for New Jersey for being the home of Pantone, Inc.’s headquarters.


3 Mar

This makes me wish YouTube had a repeat button.

Sculptural Texts

21 Feb

This is by far my favorite up-cycled-book project yet. Brian Dettmer performs artful surgery on old encyclopedias and dictionaries, making me wish for nothing more than a magnifying glass and an hour alone in a room with a few of these sculptures.



B. 1

19 Feb

Whenever I see stuff about print and typography I get happy because I appreciate how my friends can teach me more about myself and my creative interests.