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Cute Shoes

10 Apr

So many fun colors to add to the spring rotation so our chucks and flip flops get a little break. If we order in bulk can we get a discount? That would be nice.


I scream

16 Mar

Can we talk about how delicious I think this ice cream looks? Or am I just weird? Maybe it is just because I love the color grey, or because I am a big fan of intermingling sweet and savory (chocolate covered pretzels!) but black sesame ice cream is officially on my very short list of things to make when I finally choose what color KitchenAid mixer to buy for our new kitchen.

 FYI: The dessert in the photo is soy based, for lac-tards and vegans alike.

It IS good advice, after all.

6 Mar

Sure, I read the wikipedia page about Keep Calm and Carry On, but watching a very nice little film about it was way better.

And you’re darn right I downloaded the app while it is being offered for free!

St. Pattys, or just a Saturday night

25 Feb

The print magazine suggested this recipe for St. Patty’s Day but there is absolutely no reason to restrict the consumption of stout floats to one particular day of the year.


21 Feb

“That’s aggressive.”

image by Jessica Fortner

Sculptural Texts

21 Feb

This is by far my favorite up-cycled-book project yet. Brian Dettmer performs artful surgery on old encyclopedias and dictionaries, making me wish for nothing more than a magnifying glass and an hour alone in a room with a few of these sculptures.



Che 1

17 Feb

I can’t decide if this cute little hack is something I think you would do, or if this is something I wish you would do. Hehe.