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Animated Stills

6 May

The more you think about these photos, the more phenomenal they become.


Attack of the blue fuzzies

1 May

This is what happens when you accidentally wash a wool blanket when you do not have a vacuum.



12 Apr

Places I’ve been and places I would like to visit again or for the first time. Who want’s to go with me?


9 Apr

“Now you’re just some Bobby that I used to know.”

Here are the original and the five people on one instrument versions for your further enjoyment.

I’m Back

7 Apr

And I will be blowing up your inbox with all sorts of good things.

Next week is spring break so I will be happily delving into my personal To Do list. This print pretty much sums it all up!


20 Mar

Along with a slice of this cake on my 30th birthday, I would like to spend a long weekend at the Saguaro Palm Springs with you all, please. Does anyone else have the Nyan Cat song in their  head all of a sudden?

The Science of Saint Pat

17 Mar

Can’t think of a better way to begin a Saturday than with this cheerfully biological jig about beer…and drinking beer. Have a green weekend!

Keep the change, you filthy animal

13 Mar

Although, no one I know would have change left over if they bought this slice of Hollywood history.


This is how I feel

10 Mar

when I wake up and it is Saturday.

And don’t even try to tell me you only watch it once.

Massively Cute

9 Mar

Can we talk about how much I am in love with every single one of these nearly microscopic crochet creatures?! Even these guys (sorry, K-dizzle).  I am amazed by them. I am trying to imagine how one makes them with their human hands.