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Cute Shoes

10 Apr

So many fun colors to add to the spring rotation so our chucks and flip flops get a little break. If we order in bulk can we get a discount? That would be nice.


I scream

16 Mar

Can we talk about how delicious I think this ice cream looks? Or am I just weird? Maybe it is just because I love the color grey, or because I am a big fan of intermingling sweet and savory (chocolate covered pretzels!) but black sesame ice cream is officially on my very short list of things to make when I finally choose what color KitchenAid mixer to buy for our new kitchen.

 FYI: The dessert in the photo is soy based, for lac-tards and vegans alike.

More Dancing

12 Mar

I hope you all had this much fun over the weekend. And then won a prize.

Pick Your Color

8 Mar

Not only do these photos look delicious, they are Pantone inspired. +1 for New Jersey for being the home of Pantone, Inc.’s headquarters.

It IS good advice, after all.

6 Mar

Sure, I read the wikipedia page about Keep Calm and Carry On, but watching a very nice little film about it was way better.

And you’re darn right I downloaded the app while it is being offered for free!

Sucks To Your Asmar

29 Feb

Teenagers in the UK got a chance to design the cover for the educational copy of Lord of the Flies. I think they rose to the occasion, as teenagers are apt to do given the opportunity. The winning art work is below. Click through to see more entries.