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Tea cats, I mean cups.

13 Apr

Cute mugs made by a family owned Japanese company are another reminder that would like to learn more about herbal teas. I have been caffeine free since 2003. My first period students tell me I am crazy…as they sip their large iced coffees with milk and an inch of undissolved sugar on the bottom of the cup.


Cute Shoes

10 Apr

So many fun colors to add to the spring rotation so our chucks and flip flops get a little break. If we order in bulk can we get a discount? That would be nice.

Look Ma, No Hands

15 Mar

Take a look, just in case you recently said to yourself, “I can’t” when you thought about overcoming an obstacle. 

I would be honored to have one of these wooden stools in my home.

It IS good advice, after all.

6 Mar

Sure, I read the wikipedia page about Keep Calm and Carry On, but watching a very nice little film about it was way better.

And you’re darn right I downloaded the app while it is being offered for free!

Oh 2

18 Feb


I know Africa is big and your work there will take up lots of room in your heart but it can’t be a bad thing to also fit in some lovely tea parties and CO elopements as well.

Oh 1

31 Jan

This was the dose of super cuteness my RSS feed greeted me with this evening. Surprise!? Mel Stringer’s entire etsy shop is adorable too.