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Custom Made

18 Mar

This amazing illustration by an artist named Pat Perry reminds me that this house-building project of ours has been pretty much all consuming, but awesome. While Hubbers works on it every day, with the help of some other highly talented menfolk, I clock in my hours on the weekends. Next steps: installing tile and choosing paint colors.

You can see a few more panels from Pat Perry here, but I suggest clicking through to his portfolio site. It’s all good.


The Science of Saint Pat

17 Mar

Can’t think of a better way to begin a Saturday than with this cheerfully biological jig about beer…and drinking beer. Have a green weekend!

This is how I feel

10 Mar

when I wake up and it is Saturday.

And don’t even try to tell me you only watch it once.

Everyone 2

18 Feb

Yay, it is Saturday again! Hubbers and I solve the problem of finding one another on the mountain by wearing yellow and turquoise snow pants, respectively, but this method would yield similar results. Now, if it would only SNOW…

Everyone 1

4 Feb

Happy Caturday friends!


photo by Sergey Adoevtstev on 500px