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20 Mar

Along with a slice of this cake on my 30th birthday, I would like to spend a long weekend at the Saguaro Palm Springs with you all, please. Does anyone else have the Nyan Cat song in their  head all of a sudden?


Pick Your Color

8 Mar

Not only do these photos look delicious, they are Pantone inspired. +1 for New Jersey for being the home of Pantone, Inc.’s headquarters.

It IS good advice, after all.

6 Mar

Sure, I read the wikipedia page about Keep Calm and Carry On, but watching a very nice little film about it was way better.

And you’re darn right I downloaded the app while it is being offered for free!

Steamy birch

5 Mar

Why I never would have allowed the bentwood chairs (brand name or not) in the garage at 3 Notch to go anywhere but back into someone’s home: 

PS – To refurbish his Criss Craft, Papa Bird used the same technique of steaming wooden planks and bending them around the boat’s frame.