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Funny Cause It’s True

11 Apr

Spot on, as he ususally is, over at xkcd.


Custom Made

18 Mar

This amazing illustration by an artist named Pat Perry reminds me that this house-building project of ours has been pretty much all consuming, but awesome. While Hubbers works on it every day, with the help of some other highly talented menfolk, I clock in my hours on the weekends. Next steps: installing tile and choosing paint colors.

You can see a few more panels from Pat Perry here, but I suggest clicking through to his portfolio site. It’s all good.

Keep the change, you filthy animal

13 Mar

Although, no one I know would have change left over if they bought this slice of Hollywood history.


Steamy birch

5 Mar

Why I never would have allowed the bentwood chairs (brand name or not) in the garage at 3 Notch to go anywhere but back into someone’s home: 

PS – To refurbish his Criss Craft, Papa Bird used the same technique of steaming wooden planks and bending them around the boat’s frame.


2 Mar

I am not even going to bother looking for a price list for this collection. Maybe I’ll just buy a pair of jeans instead!

I’ll have one in my next house

21 Feb

Pick your poison. I think #10 is my favorite.