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Billy Balls

8 Apr

I call these flowers billy balls but they are more accurately called craspedia. I love them because they remind me of hot weather and throwing my newly minted sister in-law in the lake. Summer is coming soon!

Happy whatever you want today to be! xo.


Pooch Portraits

1 Mar

A photographer named Traer Scott shot portraits of dogs at animal shelters and they are beautiful and soulful. In other words, please get your next wonderful pet from a shelter or rescue center! There is both a Shelter Dogs and a Shelter Cats book that you can get from the ASPCA website.

Signed With a (:

24 Feb

If a lyric video worked for Cee-Lo it will definitely work for Katy Perry. I am totally loving the second verse when it switches to white and turquoise for a hot sec.

Here’s a sneak preview for the music video. Where was this song in 2006 when I needed it?!

Seester 1

20 Feb

I want to visit you and eat ice pops under a palapa and talk about everything.

Oh 2

18 Feb


I know Africa is big and your work there will take up lots of room in your heart but it can’t be a bad thing to also fit in some lovely tea parties and CO elopements as well.