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9 Apr

“Now you’re just some Bobby that I used to know.”

Here are the original and the five people on one instrument versions for your further enjoyment.


The Science of Saint Pat

17 Mar

Can’t think of a better way to begin a Saturday than with this cheerfully biological jig about beer…and drinking beer. Have a green weekend!


11 Mar

These Hubble photos remind me of Pearl Jam’s Binaural, of course, but they also serve as a reminder that the universe is really, really weird and awesomely bigger than a lot of people take the time to think about.

This is how I feel

10 Mar

when I wake up and it is Saturday.

And don’t even try to tell me you only watch it once.


3 Mar

This makes me wish YouTube had a repeat button.

Signed With a (:

24 Feb

If a lyric video worked for Cee-Lo it will definitely work for Katy Perry. I am totally loving the second verse when it switches to white and turquoise for a hot sec.

Here’s a sneak preview for the music video. Where was this song in 2006 when I needed it?!

Warm Fuzzies

23 Feb

Aw, these photos give me the warm fuzzies! Big bonus: a handful of the photo credit links are worth clicking through if you are in the mood for an good old fashioned grunge fest.