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Animated Stills

6 May

The more you think about these photos, the more phenomenal they become.



11 Mar

These Hubble photos remind me of Pearl Jam’s Binaural, of course, but they also serve as a reminder that the universe is really, really weird and awesomely bigger than a lot of people take the time to think about.

Pick Your Color

8 Mar

Not only do these photos look delicious, they are Pantone inspired. +1 for New Jersey for being the home of Pantone, Inc.’s headquarters.

Buttface 1

20 Feb

This guy was our amazingand a half wedding photographer. He semi-recently got way into fitness and he writes about Insanity, P90x and VIMB. Between taking photos and working out I don’t think he sleeps, and his shoulder genes could beat up our shoulder genes blindfolded and drunk.

Oh 2

18 Feb


I know Africa is big and your work there will take up lots of room in your heart but it can’t be a bad thing to also fit in some lovely tea parties and CO elopements as well.