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12 Apr

Places I’ve been and places I would like to visit again or for the first time. Who want’s to go with me?


Steamy birch

5 Mar

Why I never would have allowed the bentwood chairs (brand name or not) in the garage at 3 Notch to go anywhere but back into someone’s home: 

PS – To refurbish his Criss Craft, Papa Bird used the same technique of steaming wooden planks and bending them around the boat’s frame.

Post-It Pledge

27 Feb

This spring-y set of notes is just cute enough that I might break my vow of not buying any more sticky notes until my current supply has been almost completely depleted.

Signed With a (:

24 Feb

If a lyric video worked for Cee-Lo it will definitely work for Katy Perry. I am totally loving the second verse when it switches to white and turquoise for a hot sec.

Here’s a sneak preview for the music video. Where was this song in 2006 when I needed it?!

I’ll have one in my next house

21 Feb

Pick your poison. I think #10 is my favorite.

Oh 2

18 Feb


I know Africa is big and your work there will take up lots of room in your heart but it can’t be a bad thing to also fit in some lovely tea parties and CO elopements as well.