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Tea cats, I mean cups.

13 Apr

Cute mugs made by a family owned Japanese company are another reminder that would like to learn more about herbal teas. I have been caffeine free since 2003. My first period students tell me I am crazy…as they sip their large iced coffees with milk and an inch of undissolved sugar on the bottom of the cup.


Massively Cute

9 Mar

Can we talk about how much I am in love with every single one of these nearly microscopic crochet creatures?! Even these guys (sorry, K-dizzle).  I am amazed by them. I am trying to imagine how one makes them with their human hands.

Pooch Portraits

1 Mar

A photographer named Traer Scott shot portraits of dogs at animal shelters and they are beautiful and soulful. In other words, please get your next wonderful pet from a shelter or rescue center! There is both a Shelter Dogs and a Shelter Cats book that you can get from the ASPCA website.

Post-It Pledge

27 Feb

This spring-y set of notes is just cute enough that I might break my vow of not buying any more sticky notes until my current supply has been almost completely depleted.

Definitely let this one into your house

26 Feb

There’s always room for one more friend.

A Pastoral Pal

22 Feb

Who could resist loving this little hopping goat?

Everyone 1

4 Feb

Happy Caturday friends!


photo by Sergey Adoevtstev on 500px

Oh 1

31 Jan

This was the dose of super cuteness my RSS feed greeted me with this evening. Surprise!? Mel Stringer’s entire etsy shop is adorable too.